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If a student will be withdrawn or transferred before the end of the school year as a result of a PCS, parents should:

  • Notify the school office as soon as the PCS date is known but no later than 10 school days prior to the last day of attendance.
  • In the case of acceleration (i.e., where credit is earned): Since students can leave up to 20 school days early with PCS orders, notification should take place at least 30 days ahead of time so students have time to complete the assignment(s) that would be missed.
  • Submit a copy of orders to the Registrar for the PCS move with a note from the sponsor indicating the student’s last day of attendance.

The Registrar will provide a Request for Early Withdrawal form that the students will take to each teacher for signature and, if appropriate, assignment to complete course work. On the last morning of attendance the student should report to the Registrar for a clearance form and should check out of school, clearing with each teacher, supply, media center, etc., as indicated on the form. Student records will not be released to students. They must be picked up and signed for by a parent or sponsor.