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ParentConnection is the parent portal within GradeSpeed. The ParentConnection allows parents to access grades and absence information for their children, even if they are at different schools. When parents establish a login ID and password, they may apply for access to their children’s information by entering the student’s name and birthdate. Their application remains pending until a GradeSpeed administrator at the school approves or denies access. This step is necessary to prevent unauthorized access to student information. Parents with students at different DoDDS-E schools may apply at each school using the same ParentConnection account. Each school approves access for students enrolled at the school.

Student data, including schedule, grades, assignments and attendance flow to the ParentConnection website automatically each night from Student Management Services (SMS). Changes made to grades and assignments in GradeSpeed will immediately transfer to the ParentConnection website. Parents can view grades and all assignments for teachers, 4th-12th, who are using GradeSpeed. For teachers, K-3rd who are not using GradeSpeed, only attendance data can be viewed.

StudentConnection allows students to view their attendance, grades, assignments and teacher notes. Student accounts should only be used by students and should not be a substitute for ParentConnection accounts. Students need to obtain their login and password from the school Education Technologist.

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  • Passwords may be reset by selecting 'My Settings'
  • Be sure to logout after each session

This login is used only by teachers and administrators.